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Hi, I am Rub! A multidisciplinary spanish digital creator. I invite you to take a look at my works. Enjoy!


«Stay Still and Breathe»


Music commisions for video games and other destinations


Advertising and corporate design works


Character design, 2D animation and more


Rubén Jiménez Jerez

I consider myself a creative soul with an open perspective to constantly evolve. I believe in giving soul to projects, ensuring that the elements that compose them remain aligned, channeling concepts and objectives towards the best possible result.

I have worked as a 2d artist, 2d animator, graphic designer, community manager with social media manager and copywritter tasks, musician, printer and teacher. Among the projects in which I have evolved as a professional are various institutions, such as SAE Barcelona, Cervantes Institute of Calgary (Canada), La Caixa or the Saint Vincent Marty University, among others. I was lucky to win some graphic design contests organized by the Generalitat Valenciana.

Trained in the field of audiovisual entertainment, I have a degree in Graphic Design, I am a Superior Technician in Illustration and 2D Animation, and I have knowledge and studies in Solfeggio, piano and musical composition and production.


Sometimes I have worked as a teacher of disciplines related to drawing. For example, I have taught the subject «creation of characters for video games on mobile devices» at SAE Institute Barcelona, teaching animation with Spine, anatomical drawing, concept art and digital coloring with Photoshop to approximately 20-year-old students, and I have been a comic and drawing instructor for children in other centers.

I have also given online consultancy classes in web design for some projects outside of Spain.


Let’s talk about interesting projects and objetives!

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